Young Wisconsin Rapper YWB Philly drops new single ‘’F**kboy’’

The young Rapper ‘YWB Philly’ is back with new music and this time puts his lyrical arsenal to work on an interesting beat that has you entertained throughout.

The 16 year old MC has lots to learn and seems to be improving all the time. If he can get his Social Media game up to scratch then he might have a chance of making an impact in this fickle game. In a genre that is flooded with below average Hip Hop artists, hopefully ‘YWB Philly’ can stand out from the crowd with more original content.

With a growing library of music, you can tell that this teen is still finding his way but has lots of passion for the music. If he can get his flow tight and get on a few features, he will learn more about the music business and hopefully get that one big chart hit.

Here more from the young MC from the USA here on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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