Young Tay Proves To Be The Ultimate Dreamweaver

Remember when music was a platform for something to say? When Rap and Hip-hop was less about fashion and more about social commentary? More than that, do you remember when music didn’t take itself quite so seriously as it does now? If you long for those days, Young Tay is just what you are looking for. Coming on like a berserk Mariachi band meets hip-hop meets dance floor groove he mixes street smarts with humour, infectious backbeats with parody and has something to say about taking it all too seriously.

It is difficult to pin down exactly what he does, so many musical ideas and strange samples are hung on his funky beats, but not everything needs to be labelled and there is something so feel good going on in the music that within a few bars you won’t actually care that you can’t pin him down. In short, Dreams is great, a real shot in the arm to the modern urban and dance floor scene. Why can’t more musical creatives be this wonderfully weird and this brilliantly brave?

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