Young Gandhi – Forest Gump: A Fresh New Hit from One of the Best Minds in Hip Hop

Young Gandhi AKA Shawn Gandy has just dropped his latest creative mix of Hip Hop that translates into pure lyrical poetry. His debut track Forest Gump is a narrative of contemporary disparity, fuelled by the ridiculously talented Rap artists angst. With his relentless lyrical flow and ability to orchestrate a compelling Trap beat, there’s no wonder that the emerging urban artist’s fans are jumping on the sound behind his ingenious debut track which was produced by Cxdy.

Young Gandhi is currently dominating the Hip Hop scene in Holly Springs, US, but with beats and lyrics as dope as these, I’d be willing to put money on Young Gandhi achieving deserved notoriety if he keeps on putting out beats as heavy as these. Young Gandhi is talented beyond his years and gives artists like George The Poet a run for his money.

You can check out Forest Gump on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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