You Should Have Listened: Riodine leads us into the harrowing tale of the ‘Judge’ (feat. Neomatik)

Judge (featuring Neomatik) by Riodine

Fusing hip-hop and rock into a concoction that just tastes fantastic in our thirsty palates, Riodine brings us the legend of the unjust day when the truth subsequently came out on ‘Judge(feat. Neomatik).

Riodine is a Russian-American Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-born, Staten Island, New York-based indie rock solo artist.

Featuring members of Neomatik, Riodine brings a large ensemble to this rap giving this track a party feel. If you can imagine the Beastie Boys teaming up with Biz Markie, then you would have Judge. This offering revolves around the theme of breaking the law and standing before the Judge awaiting sentencing.” ~ Riodine

Riodine and Neomatik are quite splendid collectively on this your-time-is-up track that crashes your attention to a sudden halt, as you clutch the volume button and up it to a level that has you acknowledging such a glorious effort. This is the tale about seeing the warning signs and making sure that you don’t fall into the same trap, as this old friend who is in huge difficulty.

Judge (feat. Neomatik) from the well-versed Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-born, Staten Island, New York-based indie rock artist Riodine, is a terrific fusion of speaker-hugging sounds that takes you into a painting that has been so eloquently projected. The time has come to speak and the story keeps on evolving, as the sweat starts fermenting and you worry what the consequence will be. Made with an ode to the legends of before who have tried this tasty mixture before, this is a highly memorable effort that will get you moving and grooving all evening long.

Check out this smartly-crafted new release on Bandcamp and see more of the energy via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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