You can’t sleep without them: Jordyn Kenzie is simply intoxicating on new dream-pop single ‘Night Wears Off’

Jordyn Kenzie is a Nashville based writer, creator, singer-songwriter, and Pennsylvania native. She has just dropped her latest innocently pure dream-pop single called ‘Night Wears Off’. She has a special talent that is being used to chase the stunning sunsets and to inspire our sleepy souls to be happy again.

The galaxy sparkle glitters in the sun-kissed sky during this passionate love song with lots of electro-pop that pinches your arm just a little; to see if it’s real. A story about wanting that tender touch from the special person you care so much about. The night wears off when they aren’t next to you, stroking your hair and looking into your glowing eyes with that sweet smile you dream about. This is that special feeling that makes your happy heart giddy and bust open to attach lovingly to the lucky human who if they are smart, will look after it like a valuable treasure chest.

When you listen to an artist of this quality you start smiling and you close your eyes, lost in your reminiscing thoughts about when you last felt fulfilled like this emotionally.

The classy production and quick-fire lyrics blend seamlessly into your fluffy pillow as you rest that tired body as the crazy year has dragged out most of your energy and sapped your strength. Luckily, we have a splendid song like this to lift our spirits up and stay positive.

The scary thing is that Jordyn Kenzie is just getting started. Her freshly elegant exuberance is a pleasure to listen to and she has put together a top team to help her is all aspects of her career. If she can start focused and limit unnecessary distractions, Jordyn can literally do anything she sets her mind to.

Night Wears Off’ is a new song that deserves lots of love as the evenings can be sad and lonely without that special human in your life.

Stream the electrifying single from Jordyn on her Soundcloud and follow her socials on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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