Yoke On Egg Man’s Neck: Bishopskin are rather glorious on Ave Maria

Cruising swiftly through the grooves of the tree bark, Bishopskin are quite scintillating on their latest single which might ice your veins like you’re in Alaska on Ave Maria.

Bishopskin is a UK-based indie alternative rock/pop band who formulates a wondrous blend of transcendent music to calm your nerves.

A story from 1934 of Old man England and his vision on the Moor. The song was written to join the canon of mythology and ancient tales surrounding the old Moors of England. It was Inspired by William Blake who was in turn inspired by Christ; sharing his vision of Jerusalem built in England’s hills where the moors, the caves and the islands hold in their soil ancient bones and relics of holy men and women, where apparitions and visions or Maria reside, among these dark satanic mills.” ~ Bishopskin

Sending us into a whirlwind of emotions that shall get your skin tingling with atmospheric delight, Bishopskin shows us that sublime vision that encapsulates everything that we are feeling right now.

Ave Maria from UK-based indie alternative band Bishopskin is a vocally in-depth song to feel inspired by. Filled with sins, blunt knives and veils whipping, this is a soundtrack for those who remember those dark days from childhood when things were a bit scary.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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