Yeos HaZeus rips the chords out with the epic ‘Blacked Out’ (Prod. By NextLane)

Yeos HaZeus rips the chords out with the epic ‘Blacked Out‘ (Prod. By NextLane) and this is a high-tempo Hip Hop track with a fiery beat that impresses.

Based currently in Tokyo, Japan, this is a new school Hip Hop artist that is making a huge name for himself with quality music and this musician works with the best producers too.

You feel like you are going through the motions at the moment, your brain feels blacked out and not normal. The world has been crazy lately and you have just been trying to survive. The time to rejuvenate is coming up soon and you need it bad. You just need to survive for a bit longer. You know you can make it out.

Blacked Out‘ (Prod. By NextLane) from Yeos HaZeus is a trap-filled Hip Hop track that smashes through the speakers and keeps the crowd cheering for more. With a hot beat, the vocals and raps are full of smoke, the clouds simmer through the whole time and you just know that this is a song that you need to listen to. On repeat. This is the sound of 2020’s Hip Hop and like it or not, this is the sound of the youth.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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