Yeh Releases New Hip-Hop Track “Main Event” Which Will Get You All Hyped Up To Party

Yeh is a young upcoming hip-hop artist who is turning his hobby into a passion. Characterised with strong catchy choruses and a steady flow, his song “Main Event” in fact showcases his skills while also hyping every listener for a party. This in fact allows his character and natural young spirit to shine through while also entertaining others as he moulds his own sound in music. With it’s strong narrative form, taking the listener on a one night journey of partying, the song remains engaging throughout and as soon as the chorus hits it will have you singing along to it too.

Starting off with some classic hip-hop samples highlighting a relaxed vibe with a steady groove, “Main Event” not only offers a tight rap flow but also a strong melodic element which homogeneously connects the instrumental arrangement with the chorus of the song. With lyric accents that align with instrumental ones, the sound of the verses remains steady and strong throughout while the chorus offers an interesting contrast with more melodic lines and elongated syllables, creating a good balance between repetition and variation for a lasting impression.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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