YayRaven has released track I Won’t’ Go Away ft Mhyst

I Won't Go Away by YayRaven feat. Mhyst

YayRaven has released their latest single ‘I Won’t Go Away’ ft Mhyst, incorporating that Pop and Electronic style through this compelling piece.

This slow pace electronic beat kicks in, in the background adding in a variety of sound effects to give it, it’s Pop essence, intertwining them catchy melodies, the ones that create this energetic rhythm that pops out at you within the first few seconds. Having this smooth bubbly melody through the background as the vocals bounce off it.

Having rather soft vocal ranges, keeping it at a low level  but tending to take it up as the synthesized beats begin to collide, using the repetition of lyrics to overlap the voice. Every element that combines together through this piece is excellent, the way the overall melody flows with the vocals in such a mesmerizing way, it’s one that grips you in straight away.

Be sure to check out I Won’t Go Away by YayRaven, you won’t want to miss this one.

Listen to YayRaven ft Mhyst I Won’t Go Away by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall

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