Yasmine Gill rises above the past with her best release yet called Woman

After delighting us with a feathered lather of beauty on Feel, Yasmine Gill heals all wounds like a war doctor sent from above to help us build our world properly again on Woman.

Yasmine Gill is a sensationally gifted London, UK-based Italian-Canadian soul-filled jazz singer-songwriter and inspiration to many.

What makes a woman? A woman can be resilient and multidimensional, vulnerable and strong, assertive and gentle, confident and humble, and never needing to give one up for the other. They can be either, or both, or none at all, and yet they remain true to their name. I am a woman, I am proud, and I am powerful.” ~ Yasmine Gill

It feels like you are in a transformed world of tranquil peace when Yasmine Gill’s exquisite vocals appear suddenly in your seduced speakers. Easing her sultry angelic energy swiftly as our heart skips, there is so much enriching air to breathe that feels so good. Lips trembling with a knowing smile, this is something rather special.

Woman from London, UK-based Italian-Canadian artist Yasmine Gill is a simply excellent song made with love. With an aura that feels so genuine and kind, with a smooth beat that could illicit a quickening of the heartbeat. This is what authentic class sounds like.

Showing us once again why she is a must-listen when you need some inspiration, Yasmine Gill might have you feeling so romantic again. Do you feel it too?

Hear true grace from a music goddess on Spotify and follow her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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