Yasmin Bratz releases thirteen track album ‘Moon Gorgeous Meditation’

With a style that is refreshingly different to most, Yasmin Bratz is back with an absorbing album that will open your eyes on ‘Moon Gorgeous Meditation‘.

Auset Imaj Bennu aka Yasmin Bratz, is a New York City-based hip-hop artist with a flourishing flow, that gushes out logistically to wrap minds and to teach the misinformed.

I represent something much more ethereal unlike the culture women in hip hop today has branded. Using the Bratz concept and the word by definition, I created a movement much more rebellious to the norm adaptable for all humans of all gender identities, thus naming my network of followers BRATS; which stands for Born the Realest And we the Toughest on Set.” – Yasmin Bratz

The flow is electric and fully street-hop inspired, with ‘Divine Order‘, ‘Ravage‘ and ‘Karma on Fleek‘, being three tracks that seem to steam hot the most, featuring remarkable beats and rhythms that opens you into this enlightened mind with a sharp edge.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation’ from the emerging mogul and New York City emcee Yasmin Bratz, shows us into the mind of a creative artist who is on a mission to get this important message out to the whole world, through such dynamic music that is loud and proud.

With a thirteen track album that is beyond what most minds can comprehend, this effort from an artist beyond being labeled — smashes through the misogynist walls that need replacing with true open-mindedness, that is so often lacking in this phone-dominated and small-minded world. Yazzy is here and not going anywhere.

Stream this promising release on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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