Xeno Delivers The Perfect Balance On His Track Complicated


Sometimes it’s nice for music to simplify things. Life is full of social nuances and interpretations and reactions. At the end of the day, it can be nice to just hold onto a tone and enjoy the simplicity. This said, it’s not something we want to rely on too often. Music can help us understand greater truths and experience life in a fuller manner. Xeno understands this and delivers the perfect balance on his track Complicated. This track tackles the complexity of how people approach interpersonal relationships but does so in a fashion that feels just as lighthearted and effortless as the more straightforward tracks we love to relax with.

Complicated consists of some percussive melodic lines that are easy to move to and a beat that carries Xeno’s confident delivery, allowing him to focus on his message. The wording is well-chosen but comes across as natural conversation. The flow is absolutely there, even in lines that are about being unable to cope with the deceptive nature of how some people show their feelings. It’s a playful, romantic that begs the question of why people can’t allow life to fit the honest expressions we enjoy in music. Who knows, maybe this song can help simplify some of life’s more complicated times for listeners.

-Paul Weyer

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