Xander Ticks A Lot Of Music Boxes

Pop music with a rock and roll spine? Rock music with plenty of groove? Sassy contemporary indie with a old-school, bluesy bite? Well, how about we accept that Just a Pawn is all of that and more and we just call it music. And that is the art really, to not worry about where the generic boundaries are and just get on with the job of writing great songs and this is indeed a great song, one which covers a lot of sonic ground.

Instantly infectious vocals are draped in walls of shimmering garage rock infused electric drives, strings sweep, pianos add understated grace, crescendos are hit, minimalist, atmospheric interludes provide balance and the result is the perfect blend of genres. Pop pickers will love the immediacy of the track, indie kids will dig the style, rockers will admire its six-string drives and you can already hear it blasting out of a million radios. Sounds like it can’t lose really.

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