XANDE proves romanticism doesn’t need to be over romanticised with latest single “We Free”

With very little regard to how his sound could be accurately defined, up and coming artist XANDE released his debut EP “It Is What It Is”.

Through infusing elements of R&B, Hip Hop, Pop & Indie XANDE was able to orchestrate a pioneering soundscape which will leave you hooked from the first verse as you listen to the unpredictable, yet perpetually pleasing single unfold.

While the track keeps a mellifluous feel throughout, there’s plenty of resounding powerful energy found in the Trap beats colliding with the more alternative elements in We Free such as the atmospheric jangly guitar progressions.

With We Free, XANDE proves that romanticism doesn’t need to be over romanticised with lyrics such as “tease me, love me, fuck me, and leave me”. With lyrics so raw, honest, and relatable, the sexual magnetism of the soundscape naturally follows.

You can check out We Free along with the rest of the EP for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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