X Wire fan the flames with their politically-charged alt-rock hit ‘World on Fire’

Imagine a world where Rage Against the Machine never existed; it would suck. No one would know how sweet it feels to be adrenalized by being surrounded by strangers all venting their relatable socio-politically inspired angst in a mosh pit. It’s also unlikely that we’d get to hear tracks such as ‘World on Fire’ by the up and coming alt-rock powerhouse, X Wire.

A sequence of depressing news broadcasts serves as the prelude and introduces over-driven guitars, growling bass and Bryce Kelley’s soaring hard rock vocals that are accessible from the first note. X Wire swerved every cliché and established themselves as one to watch. If World on Fire was judged on the guitar solo alone, I do not doubt that X Wire would quickly climb the charts. At the age of 17-years-old, Liam Eastwood already boasts a distinctively original guitar style.

World on Fire is available on apple music, or you can check out the official music video which premiered on November 4th 2020 via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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