World class London-based classical pianist Monica Frank drops the incredible ‘The Stargazer Collection: A Bowie Tribute’

Bringing us a wonderfully fitting nine-track album that the late-great legend himself would surely love with all his heart, Monica Frank is absolutely outstanding on ‘The Stargazer Collection: A Bowie Tribute‘.

Monica Frank is a USA-born, London, UK-based indie classical pianist. Mentored by Mike Garson, David Bowie’s pianist for many years, she is a graduate of New York City’s Manhattan School of Music.

Monica’s arrangements combine Bowie’s original material with her classical sensibilities to create a unique concept for each piece that further affirms the genre-spanning scope of his music. The three Mike Garson tracks are from his collection of 24 Nowtudes, beautiful contemporary piano miniatures.” ~ Monica Frank

With a sizzling performance that is of gold medal standard, she stuns our souls into action with a marvelous interpretation of all the tracks presented and sends us into a trance that is so beautiful to be wrapped inside. Her skills on the piano seem rather effortless at times on such an extremely difficult instrument, and seems to float majestically through this brilliantly projected nine track arrangement.

Monica has created some astounding piano versions of some of David’s greatest songs. She also performs them very well. I’m sure if David was with us he would have liked them a lot.” ~ Mike Garson, legendary American pianist

The Stargazer Collection: A Bowie Tribute‘ from the excellent London-based classical pianist Monica Frank, is a true modern day masterpiece from a highly skilled artist. Her creativity only seems to get better and better on each single – and she displays such love and care here – to bring the world a tribute to one of the all-time great musicians, who is sadly not with us anymore. Monica performs with a real elegance that is so rare these days and fills up our hungry hearts, with a quite excellent display of extreme quality.

Hear this new album on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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