Willy Stylez – Black Champagne ft. Osirika: Exploratively Experimental Alt Electronica Pop

“Black Champagne” is the latest release from up and coming Alt Electronica Pop artist Willy Stylez who doesn’t give many clues about his sound away in his prelude. In fact, the progressive mix which allows you to meander through plenty of different evolutions in sound doesn’t let you find any complacency within the rhythms. Instead, Black Champagne keeps you hooked on the subtle fluctuations in momentum which amplifies the authentic soul which has been weaved into the mix.

From instrumental ambience to rhythmically flawless EDM Hip Hop, Black Champagne offers it all. To create the epic track, Willy Stylez teamed up with the sensational vocalist Osirika to tell the tale of black civilization attempting to gain power after the attack of an exploitative foreign invader.

You can check out Willy Stylez latest single Black Champagne for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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