Will Schaeffer’s ‘Hanging Low and High’ is unwaveringly wailing indie-psychedelia from Maryland

Hanging Low and High by Will Schaeffer

Maryland-based songwriter and producer Will Schaeffer has released ‘Hanging Low and High’. 

The weighty density of lyrics almost immediately falls through the ceiling of ‘Hanging Low and High’, with Shaeffer not taking much time to burst into your headphones and suplex you into a soundscape of languid distortion and near-offbeat shuffling. There’s a clear existential pang driving most of what’s going on in the track, and it does some interesting, and pleasantly unexpected stuff to keep interest throughout. 

It’s moody, shoegazy-but-also-moan-loudly-at-the-ceiling-style alternative rock for those who like it a little raw, drawn out and psychedelically resilient – and Shaeffer presents an interesting case for the genre indeed. 

You can listen to ‘Hanging Low and High ‘ here on Schaeffer’s Bandcamp page.

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