Will Gittens sings so smooth on ‘Toxic’

Will Gittens is back with his new R&B fused party song called ‘Toxic‘.

Will is from Trinidad and Tobago and currently resides in Atlanta. The recent Berklee School of Music graduate and Social Media Sensation has generated a heavy following: 1.6 million on Vine, over 165K+ on Instagram, 320K on TikTok, and over 100K on Youtube recently.

This song is all about being with someone that is so toxic but you like them so much. You want to be together but you know that they live in a different world to you and is probably not a great match. The plan is to see how things go but this is probably not a good idea as you know they will eventually hurt you.

Toxic‘ from Will Gittens is a real story about how love can be crazy and the choice you have to make to keep it going or move on. With fantastic vocals and a catchy tune, this is a winner all the way.

Stream here on Spotify now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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