Wild Americans – Stunner: Sugar Coated Rhythmic Lo Fi Art Rock

If you mixed the instrumentals of Queens of the Stone Age with the vocals of Wavves you’d get pretty close to the raucously electric Rock edge of the Wild Americans. The band have recently released their debut track Stunner and it’s an absolute Lo Fi masterpiece. The energy that comes through the soundwaves through this track is bordering on surreal.

The New York based trio have a unique approach to their sugar coated rhythmic sound, which has put them up there with some of my favourite Art Rock artists such as Radiohead and Talking Heads. There’s a tangible amount of melancholy infused with playful angst in their debut track Stunner which is a sound that I’m definitely not going to forget any time soon.

Check out the rhythmically got new single Stunner by Wild Americans now on SoundCloud or be a good egg and head over to their website and buy some merch.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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