Why You Really Wanna: Watts native SUMWHR is sick and tired of heart-crushing contradictions on ‘Waste Time’

After growing up with hoops as a way to get off the streets, SUMWHR turned to music to stay away from the tempting alley corners that can suck you in quicker than a hoover, and is back with a new single about knowing that they aren’t for you called ‘Waste Time‘.

Watts, California-born SUMWHR, has elevated his mindset from all the trouble that he could be into, to now be a conscious indie RnB-wave singer-songwriter, former rapper, music producer and engineer with a promising future ahead. He looks to brings others up around him, rather than looking at the negatives like so many around him.

This is the story about how they say one thing but do the complete opposite, as you start to wonder if this is actually worth your while. You care about them a lot but you want loyalty and trust to the core, not games and constant disillusionment.

He sings with such a simmering tone that you feel like he could lift the mood of any day, you sense his growing self-awareness that he wants so much more from life – rather than drama-filled days – worrying about things that should be taken care of without thinking.

Waste Time’ from soulful Californian singer-songwriter SUMWHR, is a reflective journey about being with someone that actually doesn’t respect you and you need to close the door, so you can open a new one with more love and food for your soul rather than that fake malnutrition.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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