Why Be Just A Name When You Can Be A Young Legend?

If you are looking for where urban music, the genre that grew from hip-hop and rap innovations, that subsumed older soul and R&B sounds, goes next, then Fyf Aaron is one answer to the question. Clearly coming from all of those musical places simultaneously but using a more electronic, post-pop wrapper to bind it all together, Young Legend is the sound of the future of the genre being re-written.

It’s confident and cool, young and fresh, combining youth appeal with more mature underground vibes and the result is a track that is less interested in where we have been and more fixated on where we are going. The past is fine if you want to play the nostalgia card and revel in past glories but Fyf Aaron is cleverer than that, he knows that you don’t make a name for yourself by doing what has already been done. You make a name for yourself by leading the genre into whole new musical areas. And why stop there, why be a name when you can be a legend.

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