Who is real and who is fake: Mike Ruggi drops defining Hip Hop story about that ‘Feature Presentation’

Mike Ruggi is back with another exceptional release that bolts the door shut on fake friends that don’t truly believe in him via ‘Feature Presentation‘.

Mike Ruggi is a formidable indie hip-hop artist from West Chester, Pennsylvania, who prefers to let his music do the talking. In an often boastful world where narrow-minded loud mouths unfortunately rule the roost at times, this is an attitude that shows he is a real musician; who is in it for the right reasons.

After a plethora of quality music releases in 2020 from debut album ‘Movement‘ including the excellent ‘Runnin‘, this is the final single release of last years project, as we await to see what 2021 has in store for this fine emcee.

The story about how some people criticize you behind your back but then when they see you have something exciting happening, they are there to show you fake love. This is a cowardly action that is one that particularly frustrates this excellent lyricist.

Mike Ruggi swarms the mic and stings hard on this colossal track; his hunger is particularly paramount as he lets it rip with bars that are ferocious and with intelligent impact.

He raps with that forthright raw style that awakens your senses, as he builds up the story and smashes through your speakers with vicious venom that will leave most rappers breathless. He is a rare kind of wordsmith that respects the culture and what the core of hip-hop stands for.

Being yourself is so key in the world as it unlocks so many doors that others can’t even fathom as jealously consumes the weak, even if they are a supposed friend. Looking into the mirror each morning and knowing you aren’t a fraud is a currency that can’t ever be magnified. Mike Ruggi knows this and that is why ‘Feature Presentation‘ is a sensationally real track that deserves love.

Stream this powerful song here on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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