Where Can I Submit My Music to Blogs for Free?

For independent artists finding their feet in the industry, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to submitting music to blogs that accept free submissions.

The services may be free, but it pays to start small; by reaching out to smaller, niche websites that will help you build your credibility until you land your dream publication. See smaller blogs that accept music for free as your steppingstones to Rolling Stone Magazine.

There are now thousands of music blogs where artists can submit music for free promotion. When you submit music to blogs for free, you will put your music in front of audiences that would never found your music otherwise – and that doesn’t just include music fans who want to buy and stream your music. It also includes other integral members of the music industry such as playlist curators, radio DJs, labels, promoters and other artists in your scene.

Rather than write an extensive list of the top sites which won’t be relevant to everyone reading this, we will point you in the direction of multi-genre blogs and run you through the best ways to submit music to blogs for free.

Where Can I Submit My Music?

The competition may be tougher on blogs that accept all genres of music, but if you think you will make a good first impression, here are some of the top multi-genre music blogs looking for your music:

  • A&R Factory is rated one of the top 10 UK blogs to submit your music to (top 100 worldwide). The blog’s readership includes PR executives, sync listing firms, managers, publishers and record labels.
  • IndiePulse Magazine are advocates for all things Indie; they’ve built a vast community with their readership, and their site includes videos, news, interviews and a radio station.
  • FACT Magazine was established in 2003 and has had a keen eye for the next big music trends ever since.
  • Pigeons & Planes is consistently looking for new artists to champion; their high readership ensures that all of their features will make an impact.
  • Cut the Pause gives artists of all genres the chance to wind up on their blog and in their The Discover List Spotify Playlist
  • XUNEMAG allows underground artists to become the artist of the week, feature on their Spotify playlists and score interviews by experienced journalists.

Finding the best free music blog to submit to will largely depend on you as an artist. To reduce the chance of your demo falling on deaf ears, you will need to know your niche and have a sense of who will be excited about your music instead of cold-contacting random bloggers.

Like any good PR package, you need to know where to invest your time and energy when it comes to boosting the signal on your new demo. You can save yourself time navigating your way through unhelpful Google search results by utilising sites such as Musosoup and SubmitHub, which was created in 2015 to connect artists with curators; that includes playlist curators, labels, blogs and radio stations.

Start by narrowing down music blogs by your location; look for websites promoting music in your town, city or country. Then, you will want to find blogs that champion music similar to yours.

Tips on How to Submit Your Music Free

  1. Avoid sending blogs old material – all music blogs want fresh content; try to avoid submitting music past the release or leaving your promotion until the last minute.
  2. Spend time on or invest in an eye-catching Electronic Press Kit (EPK) – don’t just fire off thoughtless emails to bloggers. Craft short but informative EPKs that immediately lets them know who you are and what your sound is about. Top tip, personality and humour go a long way.
  3. Scope out the competition – if you know artists at a similar level as you or who create similar music, take note of which music blogs are publishing them and then take a chance.

Submit Music to Our Award-Winning Music Blog

A&R Factory is rated the number 1 music blog to submit your music to in 2021 by openmic.co.uk. We are also highly rated by Ditto Music, xxtrawave, and For the Love of Bands.

Our international team is always looking to hear the next big thing from artists, of any genre, across the globe. As we embrace authenticity as much as talent, we don’t discriminate on style. You can submit your demo to us as a premium submission with total confidence. More artists choose us to submit hip hop music than any other site in the UK.

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