When In Rome…Sound Like You Come From Detroit!

Blending impassioned street soul, rootsy juke box r’n’b, blissed out blues, funky pop and a host of other Americana flavours, Shoes mixes classic, timeless sounds with a contemporary production that makes for the perfect song and curated tour through the last eighty years of western music.

It is the sound of truck stops blending into back street Chicago blues clubs which in turn become the sound of a rocking chair creaking on a back porch as the screen door slams, Mary’s dress sways and there is a distinct possibility that Roy Orbison is playing on the radio. It is the sound of an alternative, underground path that music took when it should have become the mainstream. It is the sound of a midnight ritual designed to re-animate the zombie corpse of the muse of music that mattered, still matters and will continue to matter, long after the current boy band fad has returned to a day job where the main concern is asking the customer if they want fries with that!

All the more surprising then that the band come from Rome!

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