What’s Your Excuse: Old Monk know that time will tell the true story eventually on ‘The Beach’

Taken from their highly well-received 4-track EP named ‘Monks In Paradise‘, Old Monk are quite splendid on their lastest sea-infused single called ‘The Beach‘.

Old Monk is a two-piece Melbourne, Australia-based indie alt-rock band. They make a catchy-on-the-soul blend of introspective vibrations, that certainly has your attention picked up quickly.

Overindulging in reverb and being generally sad.” ~ Old Monk

This is the story about feeling let down and wondering how much more you can take, of someone who broke you down when you least expected it. There are stunning vocals expressing much frustration with a rampaging – but never overbearing melody and sexy solos – energy that gushes through the window and has you feeling so reflectively emotional.

The Beach‘ from the Melbourne, Australia-based indie alt-rock band Old Monk, is a fiery effort from a top notch Ozzie act who seem to have found their niche. Their music is totally honest, sad sometimes, while also bringing through a fresh sound to truly enlighten our conciousness to see things for what they really are. Sung with a catchy edge and with highly memorable riffs for days – this is the type of song to put on loud – when you need to move on from a moment, that is dragging you down underwater.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more news on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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