What A Time To Be Alive: Camila Knight wants us all to be ‘Brave’ during these highly challenging times

As she purrs with a gallant intellect that compels us to ascend any mountain we wish to conquer, Camila Knight comprehends that we exist in unfamiliar circumstances but we need to carry on and be ‘Brave‘.

Camila Knight is a very likeable free-spirited indie-pop solo artist who makes music to heal her own soul and to assist others with a safe area to immerse themselves in.

Passionate about empowering others she aims to create a space for those who feel lonely, misunderstood, unsettled, and make them feel at home.” ~ Camila Knight

Camila Knight shows so much inner fortitude to circumvent all the gloom and doom, to bring the world a sweetly-textured single that sweeps out all the negativity with a smile-filled broom. You feel so much reinvigoration dripping all over your intrigued body, as you feel like you have just been saved by a kind and genuine soul.

Brave‘ from the open-minded magic-seeker and indie-pop artist Camila Knight, is a really pleasant single that packs a groovy beat that has you suddenly feeling a lot stronger than before. This is an enlightened singer-songwriter who knows her place in the world and performs to bring some joy in this often-cold world, that needs much more love and compassion than is currently on offer.

Check out this graceful new release on Spotify and see more of her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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