We’ve Done This Too Long: Jersey’s finest Jared Crespel wanders through the water on extraordinary debut single Fight It Out

With his debut EP Jack of All Trades set for release shortly, Jared Crespel is rather excellent on the anthem of 2022 so far with the shattered romance song to close your eyes with on Fight It Out.

Jared Crespel is a Jersey, Channel Islands-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter who has the kind of pristine vocals that make hearts spin in delight.

Get the tissues out. Fight It Out from Jared Crespel is the truth we knew was there, but felt compelled to ignore for too long. Gosh, this is such a transcendent release from someone who has lived this moment wholeheartedly.

Fight It Out from Jersey, Channel Islands-based indie alternative artist Jared Crespel is so magnificent, you might need to play it on repeat. Each note is made with that torn romantic energy, which shall float our souls into a reflective state of mind for what could have been.

Knowing when to walk away from something toxic is the key to everything.

Turn this up loud on Spotify. Check out the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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