Wetzlar – Waiting: The Artist Making Radiohead Sound Positively Euphoric

Interpol fans, you’re in for a treat with Wetzlar’s latest single Waiting which was released July 20th.

Usually, I’m not a fan of excessive vocal effects, but there is something about Wetzlar’s ingenious mix and production that made the reverb pouring from his melancholic vocal offering devastatingly beautiful. With Wetzlar’s earlier releases such as ‘City Life’ the tonality is purely neo-classical as you listen to the deep swells of the piano against the uplift of the tentatively stroked higher notes. The same instrumental momentum is carried through to Waiting as you listen to the acoustic instruments create an almost overwhelming sense of dread and trepidation.

The vocals to Waiting were allowed to bleed into the track, in a way not too dissimilar to Shoegaze bands such as Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine. Yet, Wetzlar has his own deeply pensive style which comes to life through the Lo Fi production that allows Waiting to remain tentatively raw.

You can check out the haunting official music video to Wetzlar’s equally haunting latest single Waiting on YouTube now.

Head on over to Facebook to connect with Wetzlar and keep up to date with all of his latest releases (that I’m praying I won’t have to wait too long for).

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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