Web-phonic and radiophonic: Glasgow based artist A Maxwell set to release his new single Dawn

Coming up as a solo project, Glasgow based songwriter and producer A Maxwell releases his new single Dawn that will be premiering on May 31.

Dawn gets into the scene as an upbeat pop-rock ballad that flows cheerfully on an ongoing tempo and sets hearty vibes for Maxwell’s lively vocals. As opposed to many pop-rock efforts out there that often lack a solid percussive feel, here the rhythmic section functions exquisitely and produces a substantial and uniform sequence of beats and loops you may easily want to dance along to. Mixing this with a steady guitar playing, that levels up only in the solo but perfectly staying on the melody, Dawn has a clean structure that makes it just so natural to appreciate.

Presenting catchy choruses that are so simple and engaging to sing along to, and coming in at only 2:30, Dawn marks itself as both web-phonic and radiophonic, so should you be driving by the seaside, you’ll certainly need to turn up the radio to set the proper mood for the day.

But for now, you’ll have to wait only a couple of days to listen to Dawn pre-save the track here.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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