We Go Through Hell: AM takes our minds to a striking story about how ‘Life Is Unfair’

As he sings with a worrying somber tone that might have you feeling rather introspective, AM sings with a honest energy on the well-constructed new single called ‘Life Is Unfair‘.

AM is a wildly underrated New Jersey-born, New York-based indie folk/pop/rock singer-songwriter and artist. He makes that authentic music that helps others deal with their sadness, as its an escape away from all the loneliness that can chomp you down like a character on Pac-Man.

” It is simultaneously a deeply personal and incredibly detached record. A contradiction of fact and fiction blended together to illustrate the focused yet blurry perspective of the unconventional artist. It’s just me, my guitar, and overdubs galore.” – AM

With such an honest voice and reflective lyrics, we are placed inside his quick-thinking mind that has seen life for its lows, as he struggles to get out of the lull and to starting thinking with more of a positive edge. His mindset shows us one that mirrors that of so many others — who are battling to dig themselves out of the slippery hole — that seems so hard to get out from.

Life Is Unfair‘ from New York indie singer-songwriter and artist AM, shows us the truth into this basement that has been his home during this extended isolation period of discontent. He sings with a movie-like style and has you thinking about how those bumps and bruises have brought you down for a reason. The challenge now is to climb up again and strive to change the swing of life, to make sure that it is now going your way.

Stream this new single on Spotify and follow his social journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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