WD-HAN – Spaceman: A Riotous Smorgasbord of Indie, Blues and Rock


Australian artist WD-HAN has been making colossal waves with their absorbing mix of high-octane Indie, Rock and Blues for quite some time. Yet, December 6th marks the release of their most riotously sweet single yet “Spaceman”.

Sure, you’ll get the sultry, swampy, Bluesy Americana licks. But you’ll also be hit with potently fierce energy both from the filthy winding instrumentals and the vocals which match the veracity. The lyrical depth is the icing on the cake.

Spaceman was inspired by the frustrations of modern living such as dealing with the existence of Donald Trump and wanting to escape the planet. Naturally, Spaceman spills plenty of catharsis. It acts as an aural invitation to share your anger over the fact the world seems to be becoming more and more ludicrous. If you aren’t angry as WD-HAN, you really should be.

You can check out Spaceman for yourselves via Spotify or Apple Music here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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