Walking Down The Street: The facinating Itsallroses wants to turn this game around on ‘Lost Is Found’

As she looks attentively for that soul who makes her heart so totally happy like a fluttering bird seeking a safe nest to live in, Itsallroses sings with remarkable poise on the lovely single ‘Lost Is Found‘.

Line Von Shakti aka Itsallroses is a kindhearted Berlin/London-based indie singer-songwriter, nature lover, yoga and meditation teacher, and is also an Anthropology and History student.

Translating human sentiment of existence in this world into sound, arranging it into a piece of music so everyone would know they are not alone in their experiences, not alone with their heavy hearts, not alone with their light hearts and not alone in their cry out. From a love declaration to the everyday experiences of a human up unto the revelation of the capacity, glory and beauty of being human, Itsallroses tries to unfold through music how the world is an open and choice-filled playground for the soul.” ~ Itsallroses

There is a rare compassionate ambience dripping melodiously from her delicate vocals, as Itsallroses is in a contemplative mood here on such a wish-filled single. You feel like you are listening to a true creative at work, who is still to reach her peak and performs with a stunning style you can’t help but appreciate.

Lost Is Found‘ from the deep thinking Berlin/London-based indie singer-songwriter and all-around creative mind Itsallroses, is a truly notable song from a peaceful artist who sings from the heart. She is looking for her soulmate who she knows will make her whole and even if it’s raining outside, this will not stop her from perhaps seeing that human who she wants to be with. With so much emotion and conviction flowing pleasantly from her parched lips, this is a highly romantic single that will have you hoping that she eventually does find that romantic partner to be with.

Get lost into his enchanting new single on Spotify and see the social ride on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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