Virginia Beach pop artist Fido shows us deep inside the pain on ‘Wicked’

Inspired by legends such as Kurt Cobain, Frank Ocean, and Lauryn Hill, Fido is having some troubles letting things go that have no place in his future with the emotionally charged single ‘Wicked‘.

Fido is a Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie-pop solo artist, rapper and music producer who makes that nostalgic glow to think deeply inside.

My music is very much an expression of who I am and what I have been through.” ~ Fido

Bringing us a song that will have you in a deep sedative state of ponder, Fido is one of the most honest creatives around and bravely lets us into his world with an experience that will have you thinking about things you thought were previously locked away.

I initially wrote this song during a point in my life when I was feeling very isolated and alone. I had just moved to college and did not have any friends and had a lot of trouble making friends since I am not a very outgoing person. Thoughts would go through my brain when I would lay in bed at night unable to sleep. I never thought of these thoughts as an accurate representation of who I was/ am but I recognized these thoughts as a part of me none less. The relationships I had during that time were cold and meaningless and I often felt like my mind was slipping away from me.” ~ Fido

Wicked‘ from Virginia Beach, Virginia-based indie-pop solo artist and music producer Fido is a thought-provoking single from a musician that shows us inside that deep place. He sings with much emotion that shall shake your entire core as you open the door and see things from his perspective.

Keeping those sinister thoughts away, even when you feel like something could happen so easily, is the key to avoiding your own downfall.

Hear this new audio on YouTube and see his career progress further on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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