Vince Neel drops a house track we wish we could listen to in a club right now with ‘Lost Your Mind’

DJ and house producer Vince Neel has just released ‘Lost Your Mind’ – a 3:40 club-throbbing track with a title that perhaps feels a little too on the nose since we’re, well, still unable to lose our minds at the club. 

‘Lost Your Mind’ is a strong showing from this Munich house spinner. A mildly ominous bassline builds enough excited suspense before dropping into the first groove and giving a taste of what’s to come. Once things really get in the groove, the track’s vocals – leaning heavily on the house genre’s trademark chops – provide a syncopation that fits well in the beat’s pocket. helping it rise like well baked bread to its snare snapping apex.

Vince Neel’s tight production helps set ‘Lost Your Mind’ apart from a majority of house releases in the last month – it’s just a shame we can’t listen to this at a club anytime soon. Rest assured though, it’s going on the quarantine rave playlist. 

You can like and listen to Vince Neel’s ‘Lost Your Mind’ on his YouTube

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