Vile A Sin’s darkly inspired ‘Carnival Of Souls’ is a window into face-punching, carnivalesque horror-punk metal

LA’s ‘premier horrorcore outfit’ Vile A Sin’s track ‘Carnival of Souls’ pulls no punches in, well, immediately punching you in the face with a fist made of furious satanic riffery. 

With a video featuring Naomi Grossman of American Horror Story, ‘Carnival of Souls’ is, in a number of ways, the upcoming metal group’s most refined work to date. Put in words that extravagant metal lovers may understand best: this track encapsulates the sound of a band that doesn’t like to stay away from tightly chugged, discordant riffs served alongside a 5-piece meal of blast beats and carnivalesque keys. 

If power metal-inspired solos on top of keyed melodies that wouldn’t be out of place in an evil ring toss game are your thing, “Carnival of Souls” will satisfy any lover of wildly in-your-face guitar riffing – and satanic carnivals. This attraction is definitely worth a visit. 

Watch Vile A Sin’s “Carnival of Souls” official music video on their YouTube Channel now

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