Vilaire Manuel Unleashes a Sun-Soaked Reggaeton Hit with Latest Single “Mi Amor”

Summer may be almost over, yet there’s still plenty of time to appreciate the sun-soaked Reggaeton hit “Mi Amor” from up and coming Philadelphia-based artist Vilaire Manuel who teamed up with an exceptionally talented female vocalist to bring a vibrantly amorous dynamic to the track.

With Vilaire Manuel’s latest anthemic offering of Reggae soaked R&B Pop, you can expect to hear transfixing vibrant Latin rhythms which wrap around the EDM elements making Mi Amor an incredibly high-energy danceable track.

Yet the intricacies in the multi-layered beats allows Mi Amor to resonate with plenty of distinction from your average Reggaeton beats and the inclusion of harmonic female vocals into Mi Amor spills plenty of potent chemistry as the romantically high-vibe track unfolds.

You can check out Vilaire Manuel’s track Mi Amor for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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