Vi$ion 444 – Pick Up: Trap with an Indie Twist

Vi$ion may have created the most melodic Trap Pop singles to have ever graced the airwaves with his latest single “Pick Up”. With an acoustic guitar progression which would sound just as at home in an Indie track as his stunning composition, the single has an infinite amount of appeal to fans of all genres. Even those with no particular penchant for Trap beats will fall under the allure of the mesmeric tonality of the single which uses plenty of spatial effects to set the perfect pacing to allow the sentiment to hit that little bit harder. The slight Lo Fi feel to Pick Me up added to the raw organic texture of the sound, and if by the time the track fades out you aren’t a little bit in love with Vi$ion 444, I’d start to doubt whether you’re human. There are very few artists out there right now with such a smooth vocal capacity who use 808s to set the beat for their ethereal expression.

You can check out Vi$ion’s latest track Pick Up for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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