Via Novus – Dusk to Dust: Hauntingly Heavy Hardrock

Without a second of deliberation the massive sound created by Via Novus hits you as you hit play on the first track from their 2018 Ep Dusk to Dust. The Industrial Electronica beat introduces you to one of the most monstrously heavy, yet succinctly pleasing Alt Metal sounds I’ve heard this side of the 00’s. To create their sound, Via Novus leant influence from Pop Punk and Post Hardcore bands to create their progressive sound which is defined by their guitar driven chord progressions around a thrashing drum beat. Each of the tracks from Dusk to Dust flow with their own brand of elemental fury, yet each time I heard that double bass pedal kicked my heart skipped a beat.

Clinton Davis’ ethereally high energy vocals are earth-shatteringly heavy all the way through the Missisipi based powerhouse of talents first official release. For any fans of Arch Enemy, In This Moment and Evanescence, you won’t want to miss out on Via Novus’ pioneeringly sensational sound.

You can check out the Dusk to Dust EP which was released on March 9th, 2018 on Spotify now, connect with the band on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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