Versonic – A Second in Time: Indie Rock Aural Dynamite

A Second in Time by VERSONIC

If a band can captivate you within the first five seconds of a track, you know you’ve just stumbled across aural dynamite. Versonic’s explosively potent latest single “A Second in Time” will flood you with nostalgia sweeping you back to all of your favourite 90s Britpop bands, yet it’s safe to say that even compared to the most iconic of Indie outfits, not many compare to the ethereal offering from the vocals. With the same fuzzy reverb as used by bands such as the Verve, the distortion hits and introduces the stunningly resonant vocals which rest neatly against the electrifying instrumental arrangements.

If you’re looking for an emotively-charged Indie anthem that’s going to hit you like an absolute tonne of bricks you can check out Versonic’s single A Second in Time for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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