Van Tassel’s Uncanny Elixir – Nutmeg and Cinnamon: Archaically Indulgent Baroque Folk Pop

Famile Chorus by Van Tassel's Uncanny Elixir

I was starting to fall under the impression that all the Folk soundscapes were slowly blending into one. That was until I discovered the up and coming acoustically archaic artist Van Tassel’s Uncanny Elixir. With an organically quintessential blend of uplifting instrumentals his single ‘Nutmeg and Cinnamon’ from his latest album treated me to five whole minutes of romantically sweeping melodies. The intricacy which went into each progression made for a decadently indulgent orchestration.

Whilst you won’t find many artists alive in this century creating a sound comparable to his prodigally nostalgic inspired soundscapes, there was a faint reminiscence of Amanda Palmer’s theatrical approach to sound written into the mix. To put it simply, Van Tassel is an artist that you’re going to have to listen to yourself for an accurate idea of his striking style.

You can check out Van Tassel’s Uncanny Elixir’s single for yourselves by heading over to BandCamp now. The single is now available to download for free along with the rest of the artist’s debut album ‘Famile Chorus’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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