USA Rapper AYEJAY releases 4th single “I’m Back’’

You can’t mess with the progress. AYEJAY releases a new school single that is sure to be popular with the youngsters in 2020 with its Southern style.

With a great cover picture on the artwork, I started to like AYEJAY’s new song more and more. This is a new rapper that is still learning his trade and shows lots of potential. I hope that he goes his own way and doesn’t try to copy anyone else. He speaks about not trusting himself and let’s hope that changes in a few years as it will really improve his music output.

Overall, this is a solid effort from the young MC coming out of the USA, who is here to stay. A big hit is possible if he stays focused and concentrates on improving each time he steps in the booth.

Find out more about AYEJAY’s new music here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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