Upcoming female drill artist BeckMilli shows off her skills on ‘Do Road’

UK drill artist BeckMilli has released a new track ‘Do Road’: an impressive drill hit. 

As popular as drill is becoming in burgeoning out from its London roots, there’s still a healthy amount of new rappers on the scene – and one to definitely keep an eye on is BeckMilli. The South-London based rapper comes out strong with ‘Do Road’, and she flaunts some seriously impressive staccato drill flows on top of some supremely put together production. 

Where their track shines most is the production – with the track’s instrumental providing a wobbling drill 808 pivoting across the snare hits in the way that has made drill such a smash hit success, and ‘Do Road’ does very well in encapsulating why this sound is growing at such an astonishing pace. 

 You can listen to ‘Do Road’ on BeckMilli’s Soundcloud page.

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