Up and Coming Artist Logan shows us the future of Future Pop with the single “All Right”

“Color in the Line” is the first full-length release by up and coming Future Pop artist Logan which sits right on the contemporary curve by offering charisma, ambience, and poignantly expressive lyricism.

It’s fairly rare to find lyrical narratives from a new artist so transfixing from the first hit of their sound. Yet, it’s easy to see that Logan has an incredibly natural ability when it comes to placing harmony next to his momentous melodies which are always finding new ways to immerse you even deeper within the soundscapes.

Undoubtedly the best introduction to Logan’s sound is the standout single “All Right”, which runs through with an extended duration allowing the rhythm to gently build throughout the subtle progressions of the acoustic instrumentals alongside the electronic effects.

You can check out Logan’s single All Right along with the rest of their latest album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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