Untold Poet is due to drop his most pensively poignant single yet with “Pieces” featuring Megan Rose

Essex-based wordsmith and Rap artist Untold Poet’s latest single “Pieces” featuring Megan Rose adds a significant amount of sincerity onto the airwaves. And that kind of honest, unfiltered connection is more essential now than ever.

Pieces puts our obsession and habits with social media under the aural lens, alluding to the suffocating nature of people’s behaviour online. Everyone’s an expert, everyone is holier than thou, everyone’s quick to judge, everyone is filtered… You may just end up wondering why you spend so much time scrolling through your news feed.

As the poetic Rap bars run through, you sink deeper into the narrative of the arrestive single. The pensively melodic Indie Hip Hop instrumentals also play a heavy hand in submerging you deeper into the soundscape. Adding Megan Rose’s smooth yet piercing RnB Pop vocals into the mix added even more weight to the track. Her vocals may be light and accordant but they share the same haunting air as the atmospheric stripped-back downtempo beats.

We’re ridiculously happy that Untold Poet has dropped onto our radar. After the transfixing track has faded to a close, you’ll undoubtedly feel the same.

Pieces was released on April 17th, you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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