Unique Russian Quintet The BlueStocking return with new Rock/Dark Cabaret single ‘’Bulletinawallet’’

I’m so fascinated by ’The BlueStocking’. I’ve never quite heard a band like this before in all my 39 years of being on this planet. They are completely unique and their interestingly mysterious mesh of Prog Rock and Dark Cabaret, makes them a name to watch in this music genre.

‘The BlueStocking’ features the vibrant Kira Mikheeva on lead vocals and keyboard, Hellen Dergaus on drums, Kat Soloviev is on bass and backing vocals, Egor Gavrilin – saxophone and last but not least- Ilya Gorohvodatskiy completes the lineup on guitar.

The Russian group have pushed ‘’Bulletinawallet’’ as the lead single from their debut album, the recently released: ‘Algedonic’. The singing starts off powerfully and I feel like the band would have much success with their music in movies, as it fits in due to the dramatic feel and ever changing flamboyance. Subtle changes throughout to keep you on your toes is the name of the game here. This is perfect music to wake up the neighbors who kept you up the night before.

‘The BlueStocking’ describe themselves as ‘Three gals and one guy from Moscow creating progressive-aggressive-post-pop-punk-cabaret.’ The band take their name from an 18th century term for educated, critically-thinking women – absolute outcasts at the time.

Before our eyes is a group that is improving all the time and it will be interesting to see how they progress after playing more live shows. This is a solid effort from the newcomers who are expressing their creativity in a positive manner. I’m excited to hear what ‘The BlueStockings’ bring out next and have a feeling it will be full of maturing as the band works out what sound they want to project to the world.

Stream The BlueStocking here on SoundCloud

Review By Llewelyn Screen

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