Unhome – Protest Songs by Rafa Selase – A Fearlessly Compelling Alt Hip Hop Composition

Forget listening to rappers who are still spitting weak bars about getting totalled on Hennessey. Turn your attention to artists that endeavour to shine a ray of light through the disparities of the 21st century and reflect what we’ve already lived through historically.

The video to Rafa Selase’s new track ‘Unhome’ is one of the most compelling combinations of harrowing sound and visuals I’ve ever witnessed. Selase has become notorious for his collection of protest songs composed to show the world what is never seen on the mainstream news. His approach to music may leave you thoroughly depressed and reaching for the tissues, but, I’d rather listen to music made to educate people about the real world than listening to a self-aggrandized rapper brag about how dope he is. Wouldn’t you?

Beat wise, from Rafa Selase you can expect elements of Acid Jazz, Alt Hip Hop & Folk combined with his poetically poignant lyricism. You can check out the video to Unhome on YouTube, if the video doesn’t move you, it’s safe to say you’re dead inside.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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