UK sister duo Khalysis further establish their growing name with the fantastic ‘For One Night’

Khalysis are absolutely fantastic on their latest track with indie pop passion on ‘For One Night‘.

For One Night‘ is the 2nd single released in 2020 from the Hartlepool sister singer songwriter duo, Olivia and Georgia. Together, they are Khalysis (‘Kal’–‘ee’–‘Sis’).

This is about that feeling when you are looking at someone and you realize that everyone else is too. They take your breath away and you want to be with them so badly.

For One Night‘ from Khalysis is about just that, the yearning for the mystery, the challenge of the unknown and the need to be noticed. You can’t always get what you want, but damn it you’re going to do your best to get it. This is a powerful message that is so simple but so true.

A smorgasbord of genres, ‘For One Night‘ mixes pop, reggaeton and dance hall that mixes together in a tasty Hartlepool pot of wonderful goodness, this helps in creating a unique and chart-worthy sound. This is the goal. These young ladies what to reach the top and they are focused on this and trying to avoid all unnecessary distractions.

The girls have been catching the ears and eyes of a number of major and indie labels and have a number of collaboration releases in the works. All of their tracks are written, recorded and produced at their home studio.

Khalysis are excellent on ‘For One Night‘ and their teamwork shines so bright in a troubled year.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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