UK singer Kane sings about being cheated on with debut single ‘Guilty’

UK singer Kane sings about being cheated on by the girl of his dreams on the debut track ‘Guilty‘.

Kane is a singer-songwriter from Leicester in England. He was enjoying himself in Australia and on the holiday of his dreams. Then of course, corona struck, and he had to go home. No worries however. This has lead to him making his debut song and this is a well-sung track that strikes deep inside the heart like a flaming shooter, the story is so real and the taste is bitter.

You are with someone that you care about so much. The love is real and you are happy. Then suddenly, something is different. You have a feeling that something is a bit off and you think that she might be seeing someone else. You ask about who she is chatting to on her phone and you get a vague answer. You know now that you were right. It’s not just some guy and she looks guilty. Things are now bleak and the love is over.

Guilty‘ from the new singer Kane is a fine debut effort. The lyrics are so well constructed and the energy matches what is going on. He got cheated on which is a horrible feeling. Luckily, he is a resistant young man who will learn from this and be stronger. This is a quality effort and we might be witnessing a new name to watch in the UK music scene.

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