UK RnB newcomer Zoe Yovéla radiates soul in her third single, ‘ Sun’.

Up and coming UK-based artist Zoe Yovéla has released her third soulfully serenading RnB single ‘Sun’. With the light jazz piano keys and solid trap beats under waves of lush reverb and her absorbing vocals, the soundscape is a welcome reprieve from our current climate.

Her distinguished approach to production is just as refreshing as the personality she contributes to the single. With faith as the inspiration behind her music, Zoe Yovéla is all too happy to hand you rose-tinted glasses that will help you scope out the beauty in the world instead of constantly scavenging for justification for existentialism.

Sun is the kind of track that could easily stand the test of time while leaving every listener hooked by the contemporary resonance. She’s definitely one for the radar.

You can check out Sun for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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